09 October, 2015

Tutorials on Java and related subjects

Like many others in the field of IT, specifically software development, my passion for coding started way before I even considered looking for a job.  I was probably 13 or so when I wrote down my first few lines of code in Pascal and the moments of glory in class when my mates looked in awe at that spanking grey-on-black "Hello World!".

Could have launched a satellite with this!

Many things have changed since then, but coding has remained a central part of my life...mostly because it pays my bills (more than that too :) ).  One thing which got me to this point is the Internet community.  I wouldn't have been able to write the second line of code had it not been for that tutorial on some obscure website.  Of course, teachers and lecturer played a big part - they are not to be underestimated.  But once you're out the door, the tutorials on the Internet are your "only hope".  This only hope, though, is a treasure trove full of resources, from zero to hero.

So, after all these years I now feel able, and willing, to contribute back to the awesome community.  My experience is vastly Java and so I hope I shall contribute valuable information to those aspiring Java programmers.  I shall start publishing a crash course in Java, starting with the venerable "Hello World!" and ending up who knows where.  I'm aiming at enterprise Java, but we'll see.  The target audience would be hobbyist, student, and even professional developers, but having of course a basic understanding of a computer.

Thanks for coming by and I hope to welcome you again for the Java Tutorial Series!

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