14 December, 2011

186Gbps : Breakneck network speed

I have just read an article about a new network speed record and honestly I could not believe at first.  This really means that I can transfer my whole hard disk content, over the network, in less than 10 seconds!

So many recent tech and science news recently hehe; hybrid drives are getting popular thanks to extremely faster seek times, this network record, quad-core CPU's in phones...Honestly, I simply can't seem to think that there is a limit.  Just as you lay your hands on something which feels like the bleeding edge of technology, you end up reading an article the following day totally eclipsing your new device.

Let's hope that we'll be seeing at least 1% of this technology's power get to our homes.  1% if you think of it, is enough, for now.  That's almost 500Mbps, definitely much more than your 20 or 50Mbps. [Press Release]

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