06 December, 2011


So, hi.  Well, let's start with the basics.  I am a human named James and even though this is not the first time which I am sort of 'blogging', it still feels a bit strange.  I had a website once and I wrote some stuff over there, but it's been ages since then (the domain does not even exist any more hehe).  So recently I started thinking about being part of the 'front-end' of the internet, as I am a programmer and my contribution to the internet has been somewhat invisible, you know, not many people will look at your code, but a considerable number of people wondering around the tubes of the internet will have a look at your page during their daily hunt for lolcats.

At first I thought maybe Google+ might be helpful.  Mind you, not that it is not helpful, but it is really a micro-blogging thing, so - it's not enough.  But anyway, this Google product revolution got me curious about how things have changed and I remembered they had this free blogging service.  The new layouts are definitely a great improvement so that raised my hopes too.  Also, I did not want to spend money on hosting at the moment, so pretty much this was the best solution.

I think I started off with the basics but got lost.  Oh, well, as I said, I am James, from Malta but I am living in Germany, for now (so there is no one to pay bills, cook food etc. see why I won't pay to get my site for now? :P).  I work as a programmer, mostly using Java, and let's put it plainly, I'm not the kind of coder that uses a tonne of frameworks and stuff, mainly because I deal with rather lower level applications rather than the popular business apps.  By the way, I am also starting to code some Android apps too (Sorry applers, I'm really not a great fan of mac and stuff :P).

I hope that amounts to a proper intro, as in, you got to know my name right :D?  Well, enjoy my blog, if any of you plan to follow up or something.  If not, you can throw me in one of your circles on Google+ :D


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